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Stay Sharp with Whetstones and Honing Steels

Sharp knives are safer to work with and yield much better results. A good set of sharpening stones and a honing steel are a must.

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Carve It Up! Steak Knives.

If carving into a perfectly cooked steak on a regular basis sounds like happiness to you then we have a great selection of steak knives, which you will love.

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Kitchen knives - does size matter - Gyuto or Santoku

Kitchen knives – Does size matter?


Do you really need a long utility knife in your kit? What are the pros and cons and why do professionals usually choose longer Gyuto or Chef’s knives?

Kitchen Knife Construction Part 2

Kitchen Knives – Construction Part Two


In part three in our series on kitchen knives we will cover the various Cladding types, Grinds and Handles.

Kitchen Knife Construction Part 1 SML

Kitchen Knives – Construction Part One


Understanding quality in kitchen knives can be a challenge. In order to do this, you need to understand…

Molecule-R Sale!


Exciting Modernist Ingredients

Giving your next culinary creation a modernist twist could be that little bit of inspiration you need to get back into the kitchen. Molecular Gastronomy is all about exciting the senses and these interesting and unique ingredients help do all that and more.


Foodie Gifts

Great gift ideas for foodies


Looking for some great gifts for your foodie friends. Look no further, we have got you covered.

Cooking with Charcoal

Cooking with Charcoal


Cooking with charcoal simply offers more versatility, better flavour and a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Umami rich ingredients

Umami – What you need to know


It’s that taste that makes you smack your lips and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling…

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